2021 Season - COVID Guidelines

    2021 Season COVID Guidelines

    1. Governor’s Executive Action (effective 4/1/21) https://www.governor.virginia.gov/media/governorvirginiagov/executive-actions/EO-72-FOURTH-AMENDED-and-Order-of-Public-Health-Emergency-Nine-Easing-of-Commonsense-Surge-Restrictions-Due-to-Novel-Coronavirus-(COVID-19).pdf

    - Recreational Sports section, pgs. 9-10

    - For outdoor sports, the total number of spectators cannot exceed the lesser of 30% of the occupancy load of the certificate of occupancy for the venue or 500 spectators per field/pool.

    - Spectators must wear masks over their nose and mouth at all times, and ten feet of social distancing must be maintained between spectators who are not family members. 

    - Family members are defined as residing in the same household.

    2. USA Swimming COVID-19 Return to Competition Checklist

    - use of locker rooms should be limited or controlled

    - participants should arrive and depart in their suits for practices and meets

    - all individuals entering facilities must answer screening questions

    - all coaches, officials and spectators must wear masks

    3. Due to social distancing, only one timer per lane shall be used during swim meets.*

    4. Due to social distancing, relay events will not be swum during meets.*

    5. Divisional and All Star meets will not be held during the 2021 season.*

    - During meeting discussed using August 7 as a championship meet date.

    *The Executive Board will closely monitor COVID-19 recommendations and requirements from the CDC, USA Swimming and state and local governments. Adjustments may be made to the season if restrictions are increased or decreased with the utmost attention given to providing the safest swimming environment for swimmers, parents, volunteers, and spectators.

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