Notes from May 24 Meeting

    Thank you to everyone for all of the hard work that you have already put towards this season!

    Our vote last night was to proceed with the current schedule for this season.  This will include Divisionals on August 7th.  There will be no All Stars this year.  

    Reminders for meets:

    • Teams are allowed to use flexible meet options, including in person, virtual and age group meets.  Remember that virtual meets must include the same number of officials on deck for each team/meet.
    • Relays will remain optional, but will be included in Divisionals.
    • Since there are no longer social distancing requirements as of May 28, meets should include 3 timers per lane.  League records can be broken at Divisional meets.
    • All teams need to respect the rules and regulations of the facilities where they are swimming.  Communication is the key.

    What I need from you:

    • Ribbon counts if you haven't gotten them to me yet.
    • Copies of your team's liability insurance with VBSL listed as an AI.
    • League Dues, $500
    • Confirmation of who will be hosting Divisionals in each division.

    Upcoming Trainings

    • June 3, 6pm at NYCC - Referee, Starter and Stroke & Turn Judges
    • June 7 at GB - Referee, Starter and Stroke & Turn Judges (waiting on confirmation of time)
    • June 8 - Virtual Meet Manager Training at 7pm
    • Online Stroke and Turn Judge Training at www.strokeandturn.com. Volunteers pay upfront for the training and submit certificates of completion to Team Reps. Teams will be reimbursed for total number of certifications when tuned in to [email protected] by July 31. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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